You can choose.

Going through a tough period, still you can choose how you want to be.

Yoshiyuki and I went Obihiro with Ayumi and Kanako to hold a Yoga lesson.

In a class, Yoshiyuki picked up Ayumi’s story that how she is facing with her body.

She had an operation, so that her spine can’t move freely.

Still, she did’t choose to give up her body.

She enjoys herself to make a body more comfortable.

She could be very sad, and could live her life with excuses.

But she didn’t.

She believes herself.

” to continue ” is a most difficult things.

When you decide not to give up yourself , then first, you can live in joy.

Life is yours.

Every situation you face, you can choose how you make an action.

Every action you make, changes your life.

Do not give up.

You can handle your life.

Life is play. – Yoshiyuki said.

Thank you for reading:)