From India.

Yoshiyuki and I had been in India for about a week for Yoga Retreat!


We’d stayed most of our trip at Kancheepuram, southern of India where Master Sudhakar was grown up.


We both had  precious experiences.

I was impressed to feel ” Yoga is Yoga ”

I found out again that ” Yoga ” today  spreading all over the world is not yoga.

I can’t find a right word to describe…but I strongly thought that I want to teach


” Do what I have to do”

Yoshiyuki has ” vision “.

I have ” vision “, too.

What we can do at YogaThera , from Sapporo.

We are guided.
You are guided.


Now, we are back to Sapporo.

Restart from today for ourselves, and for yourself.

Thanks for visiting our homepage 🙂

Hama and Tomomi