This is your choice.

After a log time suffering from my life, I decided to live in truth with my heart.

When, I was in my thirties, I didn’t think I could come that far.

I really like travelling around, and also I like meeting people.

But in my situation at that time, I was been convinced that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do.

I wanted to tell what REAL yoga was to others.

I wanted to go many places in Japan.

I could give up everything.

I didn’t.

Instead of struggling with my stupid mind, I made up my mind.

Then yet  my real life has started.

Now I go to a lot of places to learn and to share wisdom of yoga with Yoshiyuki .

Everything begins from you.

If you were thinking too much and couldn’t step forward, remember that ” life is made of your choices. “

What does your sprit want to do?

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