Promise with your smile and…

Yoshiyuki has been flying around Japan this week !

Ehime, Hiroshima, Kumamoto….then Fukuoka?

You should check these cities on a map!

He has shared wisdom of yoga to the people who want to live happy life.

What he impressed the most of this trip so far was smile of a boy in Kumamoto 🙂


Yoshiyuki realized immediately that he needed someone’s help.

” When I bend my knees , they hurts. ”
” I don’t have as a flexible body as other friends. ”
“I can’t do same things with my friends…”

A child without confidence.

His face has said ” help “.

So that Yoshiyuki started yoga lesson to him right after he arrived at the studio.

He just played with much fun with a boy 🙂

Playing with a body , and a boy said ” my knees are not hurting any more! ”

Makes you smile, is a essence of Yoga ^^
Yoga can help you in all the ways.
Yoga is not a fitness.

I give all the things I have.
I give all the things I can provide you.

I had so much fun 🙂

Played from my heart.

A boy wanted to be honest.
He wanted to make an action from the heart.
But his facial expressions were not honest.

Where I held my yoga lessons was here!
Chie in Kumamoto ^^
She has a passion!

Thanks for visiting our homepage 🙂

Hama , Tomomi