HamaYoga in Tsushima :)

Yoshiyuki and Hamayoga members landed on Tsushima island for Hamayoga!

We really enjoyed spending a wonderful time there^^



We had a delicious food from the ocean,
we went to the sea,
we went to see the beautiful sunset,
and we had a first Hamayoga class!



At Hamayoga class, we learned that ” how your condition of a body and mind effect to the others.”
When you are frustrated, can you act in calm?
When you have pains in your body, can you help others?

Yoshiyuki asked some questions to therapists.

” What Yoga is for you? ”
” How do you want to act as a therapist? ”

How you act on the mat is connected to your life.
If you gave up facing to yourself on the mat, you never got over the difficulties that you were going to face in your life.

Do you want to be a person who is proud of yourself? or…

A precious time in Tsushima made hamayoga members relaxed, and felt free.


Thanks for a great time Mr. Ida ^^

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