For your smile.

Yoshiyuki has accepted some of the students from other areas in Japan ; Fukuoka, Sendai, etc…

Good things for these students are that they can feel different energy from where they live, can take private lesson, and can deeply face to themselves.

A few days ago, Mai came to stay in Sapporo for three days.


She enjoyed being an assistant on the first day at a school.

On the second day, she took a workshop for yoga instructors.

During her stay, it seemed that she had learned many things.

It was not just about a body or knowledge,  but also about mind and life.

She stayed at my house, and talked a lot about happiness in our life.

Her smile has got brighter 🙂


Thanks for a precious time, Mai.

Yoshiyuki and I love your smile!

Now, who’s next?

Thanks for visiting our homepage 🙂

Yoshiyuki and Tomomi