Osaka, my hometown.

I had a wonderful time going back to my hometown, Osaka:)

Yoshiyuki gave private lessons to my friend’s  family.


It was a valuable time for me to learn about the body from him.

He always tells me ” how ” , not  ” the pattern “.

He knows that if you seek only for the answer, you can’t apply.

Except private lessons, there was one more fun workshop with him.

Hama yoga in Osaka!

It was Yoshiyuki and my first time visiting Osaka for yoga workshop.

Thanks for coming Sapporo members; Hayato and Syuji:)

Thanks for Keiko from Hiroshima, too!

Thanks for everyone coming from far away ; Shikoku, Aichi, Kyoto, Shiga and Wakayama…!


A precious and a wonderful time.

I felt something that I had never felt before in a class.

I could see ” a bright light ” inside of them.


Little break time in Kyoto 🙂

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