Learn the way how to think.

Busy and fun week 🙂

Yoshiyuki and I went to Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Sendai and Hakodate for workshops!

Four cities in two weeks….crazy!

Of course with Hayato, Ayaka ; Hokusera members, and also Shoko, Takumi and Kanako.

During Kyushu trip, Ayaka and I were up until late and talked a lot about ourselves.

The way we have lived, how we think of ourlives, how we get over the difficulties, and how we live Yoga.

Ayaka is like my sweet sister, she is an affectionate and a strong person.

She has beautiful eyes.

More and more getting to know her, I realize that she has a right heart.


Thanks for a wonderful time, sweetie:)

In Yoshiyuki’s workshop in Fukuoka, we learned tans of things as always.

The thing that I thought important was

” Learn the way HOW TO THINK. Don’t ask for the answer soon. Think. “

He gives us lots of questions like; why? how? where? when?

But he doesn’t mention any of the answers.

He knows that the answer we are given is to be forgotten soon.

He wants to tell us how fun to think and to find the answer is.

I have learned many things.

About anatomy, energy, nutrition, asanas of Yoga and the philosophy of Yoga.

I didn’t like to study when I was a student.

Now I really enjoy learning!

I’ll share little bit more about the things I learned in these two weeks in next blog.


Shoko, Takumi, and Kanako in Hakodate.

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