A whole new world.

One of my favorite songs; A whole new world, from Aladdin.

Today I want to share one phrase from the song.

In the beginning part of the song,

Jasmine who is a heroine in the movie is asked

 Tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide ? “

It is a Disney’s movie, so that there are a hero and a heroine ; love story.

In this story, probably they want to say about her situation.

I want to ask a same thing to you.

“ When you decide something, do you listen   to the voice of your heart? “

I do this, or I decide this because

Mom tells me to do,

my family says to do,

my friend likes me to do…

Have you decided your mind like this before?

It doesn’t matter if someone tells you what to do.

The most important thing is that you listen to REAL yourself or not.

 No one can control you.

Every decision you make is for yourself.

Yoga tells us that

” Find the REAL yourself “

”That would be the way to remember you are perfect as what you are now “

Believe in the light inside of you and let your heart decides.

Thanks for reading our blog 🙂