About Nori; our Hamayoga member:)

What an impress thing about learning yoga is that,

yoga doesn’t only change your mind, but also changes your appearance.

His blog is awesome!
He is really good at writing.
He has a story.

Nori’s blog.

Nori is a hard worker.
So that he still expects to be a hard worker to the others, too, sometimes.
He’s been learning of himself everyday.
Since he’s attended Hamayoga class, he’s been changed a lot.

I would say his face!
Its’s been changed lots!

Nori and I have get along each other for a long time.
When I’d worked at a hospital, he came to a hospital as a trainee.
He always came to me, it was like to defy my superiors.

Probably that was because of me,
We’d competed who would be the greater.

Well we now are good friends , so no one knows what’s going to happen in our life.

So that, you have to realize of your bias.

That effects to the happiness of your life.

You think,
That guy MUST act like…
That man MUST think of me like…
That lady talks about me always like…
I’ve told about myself from that person like…

Those things can be a bias when you meet someone.

Then you never can find a great ability they have.

“Look just what it is.”
” Look just the way it is.”

That what wisdom of yoga tells you.

Sometimes, it takes time though.
To find ” essence ” , there would be a time to go the long way around.

Yoga Thera; our studio is a place where you can find ” essence “.

Thanks for reading our blog 🙂

By Hama