No one can be you.

Three more days to the full moon.

Can you believe that Yoga Thera ; new studio has opened only few months ago?
Time flies…..

When I attend to the yoga class, I always think that ;
how I am going to act after I get off the mat.
Through one lesson, we learn many things.
It would be about your life, your thought, food, energy work…
Sometimes as yoga philosophy, sometimes as your experience,
there are a lot of awareness to me.

I have one story to tell you today.

Last summer, when I started to work with Yoshiyuki,
I declared to him that ” I am not going to aim to be you “.

Maybe because his dharma, maybe because he is very charismatic,
in my opinion, many therapists think that they want to be like him or they want to cure their clients like him.

I don’t think that is the way Yoshiyuki wish.

When I told him that
” I already have my dharma inside of me. To accomplish this dharma, I need to study more. And I want to learn these wisdom from you.”
It seemed like he was happy.

Yoga doesn’t say to you to compare with someone else.
Yoga says to you to find real yourself inside of you.

We all have BRIGHT LIGHT inside of us.

Yoshiyuki only wants to help you to find the light or the flower inside of you.
Find the real yourself first, then yet you can start to live a true life.

As I wrote before, I have dharma in my life.

My dharma is to share ” yoga is how you live ” to the people who are suffering in their life, or who are having a hard time to find the light in their life.
Through my experiences in my life.
That’s only  I can do.

Find something that only you can do.

No one can be you.

Remember that you are a beautiful flower just as who you are now.

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