Most important thing when you learn.

” Be a good student. ”

That’s the way what Yoshiyuki tells us when we learn something.

And here is an another story.

The most important thing when you learn is that;

From who you learn,
How you learn,
How you receive.

Fortunately, there are many teachers who support me.
Of course , Yoshiyuki,
Who teaches me oriental medicine,
Who teaches me anatomy,
Who teaches me yoga,
and who taught me how you share your passions to the others.

He was an affectionate personality.
Also he was humble.

He always listened first what my passion was.
What ” I ” want to share to the others.
Then thought together what we could do.
I’ve learned many things from him.

Now, what I have to do is that
How I receive, how I share the things he had taught me.

For Daisuke, with our love.

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