When you say “I believe”…

Let’s talk little bit about my mother.

She is a cheerful, and an affectionate personality.

And she is really a positive person.

As I have written, I had to go through many difficulties in my life.

With my family, too.

My father was trying to be a good father, but he gave up to be one day.

He used to take my sister and me to many places for our experiences.

But after he started to use violence, he stopped communicating with family.

On the other hand,

My mother is a teacher of the elementary school.

She is been a teacher more than 40 years, but she alway says that

” You don’t learn the most important thing in your life at school. “

“That is the education now in Japan. “

” Only experiences make you stronger.”

So that she never stopped the things that I said I want to do. NEVER.

She always trust me, she always believed in me.

When I asked her that I want to go abroad at the age of sixteen,

When I decided not go to the university,

When I told her that I want to live in Mexico,

She just let me do whatever I wanted to do.

She said to me that
” only parents can do to child is to support. Life is yours, not us “

After I grew up, she talked me that she was worried a lot , though…!

Through those experiences, I’ve learned what is “ to believe “.

I know that  she believes in me from the bottom of her heart.

So that I always can do my best.

When I was a store manager, I learned that to believe in others fully was tough.

Because if I did that job, it would be much faster, and I could do for sure.

But then if I did all the works, I would be very  busy and probably I couldn’t even take a day off.

I trust assistant managers, and once I told that leave these jobs to them, I wouldn’t touch anything. Did nothing.

When they wanted to ask something, of course I reply.

At that time, only one thing that I told them was that,

“If anything happened, I would take all the responsibilities. So just do your best.”

Just the way like my mother raised me up.

They; assistant managers had done great jobs always.

Those jobs had given them confidence.

And they had been enjoying their job:)

It was very nice that there were someone who supported me!

‘Cause you never know when you get sick, when you have an accident, no?

When you say ” believe “, can you REALLY believe in others?

Sometimes, you need to wait, sometimes you have to be patient.

Believe in yourself first, then you are be able to believe in others.

That’s the way to make great relationship in your job, and in your life:)

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