To aware, to feel, to share, to verify, to let it go, then you will aware.

We didn’t make our homepage to read easily.
There are not many pictures, or not made in popular way.

These days, you can  search things so quickly.

If you didn’t like it, you wouldn’t even pay attention carefully.

According to the inspection of brain science, often it is said that it only takes about two seconds to decide whether you like it or not.

I DON’T want that kind of relationship with others.

If you got together easily, then you go apart easily.

Very emotional.
Easy to warm and easy to cool.

I don’t think keeping in touch just for a long time is good either though.

That’s because I know that taking good care of  YOURSELF takes a long time.

It would be different if you had learned Yoga like in India since you were child.
It is very hard to learn again once you grew up with lots of EGO.
Let them go are a lot harder.

Like Master Sudhakar, who has learned Yoga since he were child.
He is totally different from us.

It IS different to learn a philosophy AFTER you are grown up.

People who understand philosophy without learning Yoga had thought by themselves since they were young.

So that, you can’t think in that way.
That is the situation NOW, no?

You just do what you have to do NOW,
you just feel what you have to feel NOW.
Do these things just from the bottom of your heart.

Yesterday, I had a client.
She had read my blog.
She told me that ” Your homepage has written exact a same thing what I had thought! ”
( I’m happy and feel a bit strange that she read my homepage and visited me because I’m not good at reading sentences at all. I can’t read, really….so…)

It was ” Death “.

To die, to be born.

Death of whom she knows.
Death of her friend.
Death of her teacher.
Death of her sweet dog.

How do you accept ” Death “?

Is it sad thing?
Is it hard to think?

Do you really think so?

What is the meaning of crying?

I don’t think there is any meaning .

Is it really a sad thing when you think of ” Death “?

There is a person who has been sad for a long time after his dog had died.

Where are YOU? I want to ask.

Where had your smile gone?

I understand those sweet memories are precious.
But then how do YOU feel NOW with keeping passed memories?
That is one of the strongest ” attachment ” ; passed memories.

Then, what do you think of ” Death of person ” ?

What do you think if he was satisfied with his life doing his best?

If he had died when he was young, and he was on the way of his dream.
But, in his short life,
if he was loved by many people,
if he was with a lot of friends,
if he had experienced tans of great things…. as much as he could.

If we said he still had future, he was gonna far in his life.
You can’t do anything except NOW.
Again if he was satisfied living his life NOW.

Do we still say ” he had future. “?
Do we still talk about ” If ” ?

We never know,
what he had felt in his life,
what his values were.
Those are the things only he knows.
We can’t discuss easily.

If he had lived his life ‘till the moment of his death…

When you ” Speak out “, thing are going to be abstract.

We can’t understand others.

Remember this.
Don’t you think so?

If I ask you that ” tell me all about what you think now “,
then how many people can reply what they think now?


So what we can do is that,
to be thankful for the opportunity to meet each other,
to be thankful for getting to know each other.

So that she came and visited me, and she found something that she can be excited.

Thanks for a teacher,
Thanks for friends who supported her.
Just appreciate the situation she is in now.

Look up beautiful Moon, with putting your palms together 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

by Hama