Balance in your mind and the body.

Last city where Yoshiyuki and I visited last weekend was Obihiro.

Hama Yoga class was about ” Balance ”


You and others,
mind and body,
upper body and lower body,
Yin and Yang…

What do you think of ” taking good balance” ?

For example, when you practice asana like tree pose,
Is standing just straight a good balance?

Imagine that  a hard tree, like not flexible.
If the strong wind blow, it will broke easily, no?

Then we think what a real health is.
Breathing, life, emotion and how you act.

What a impressive thing to see through Hama Yoga class is that every one become smile:)

Don’t you think that to smile is one of the best way to share your love to the others?


Thanks for a great moment, Obihiro members:)


My first Butadon; pork rice bowl! Yumm…!

We enjoyed karaoke on the way back to Sapporo with Kanako 🙂
It was really fun!

Thank for reading my blog.

By Tomomi