Gyutan and Hama Yoga in Sendai :)

Gyutan; beef tongue is one of popular food in Sendai.

Right after Yoshiyuki and I arrived at Sendai airport, we first had gyutan lunch 🙂


Hama Yoga at night in Sendai, Yoshiyuki discussed about ” Learning “.

” What ” you learn,
” How ” you learn, and
“From whom ” you learn are very important.


He’d studied Western medicine for a long time, but then he realized that by using only Western medicine can’t recover the body and mind completely.
If you know all about anatomy, and can you remove pains that client have?

Yoga and Body Work are the way that you can be who you really are .
Even pains.
Health is not ” to recover “, it is ” to be able to go back  the way who you are “.

Reading text itself is nothing.
Face to your client who is in front of you.
Think the best way that you can do to remove your client’s pain.

We all grown up in different ways.
We all are in different situations.
We all have different body.

After these discussions, we took Hama Yoga class to face to a real yourself.

Each one of us has our own ” Light “.
” Light ” is ” P
ossibility “


Action first.

Thanks for a great time, Sendai members!

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

By Tomomi