Do you want to be happy?

“Do you want to be happy?”

Yoshiyuki’s Hama Yoga workshop in Hakodate began with a question like this.


He talked about ” Klesha ” ” Dharma ” and also about ” Trauma ” that we all have.

How Yoga thinks about ” Trauma ” is that memory and emotion are remained together.
When you remember the passed things, if you will be sad, mad, unhappy or with other feelings, that means you still have trauma or karma.

” What kind of tree are you going to be? “

Read carefully, he didn’t say that

” What kind of tree do you want to be? ”

We all have ” Dharma “.

Dharma is not decided by someone else.

Dharma is that You’d decided before you were born.

Then, here is a question again.

” Do you want to be happy? ”

If you say ” Yes ” , you are not happy now aren’t you?

Yoga philosophy is a tool to find the real yourself again.

Yoga is to make sure that you are happy just who you are. 


Everyone worked very hard to face to yourself.

Sometime it is tough to see inside of you, but we did a great job 🙂


Look at this sweetest smile!

We all have ” light ” inside of you.

Don’ give up finding your light.

If it’s too hard to get over by yourself, we can guide you.


Thanks Hakodate members for a precious time!


Of course, yummy food, too 🙂

Thank you for visiting our homepage 🙂

By Tomomi