My belief.

I’m gonna talk a bit about my belief today:)
Why I decided to share Yoga to the others through my life, and why I am now with Yoshiyuki.

Sharing the story, let me start talking about my family, especially about my father.
Well, my family is unique! Really, they are!
My father had been interested in philosophy a lot.
He was always thinking about what the life was, why we were born and why we are going to die.
In my family, it was normal to discuss about ” to live ” and ” to die “.
He always asked me that,

“What do you live for?”

“Why are you going to die someday?”

Probably, maybe because of his questions, or not,
I ‘d thought about meaning “why I’m here? ” “what is death?” since I was a child.

As I grew up, I had to go through a hard time living my life.
My father became to use violence on me, my mother and younger sister.
It was a difficult divorce for my mother. Process that she had to go through hurt my feeling a lot, too.

Also when  I was in a high school in the U.S., I had to face to the racial discrimination.
I was shocked. Only that I was Japanese, I had to endure many sad situations.
Maybe I could argue with them, but at that time, I didn’t have a brave.

After I came back to Japan, I became not to be able to go outside, because of the fear.
I started to think that everyone hate me.
I now can think that I was stressed out because of these things that happened in my life.
I couldn’t smile anymore.
I couldn’t believe the others.
I was thinking that I was not born to be happy.

More sad things happened in my life, and again I’d started to think ” what is to live “.

Why do I live for?

I was suffering to find meaning to live.
I tried to find the light in myself.
I had to think about to die for to live.
It took years to go over these difficulties.

Thought, felt, did, tried, cried, got angry….finally I found a way.

Life is very simple.
Things just happens.
What you have to do is to live your life.

Then, I met Yoga.

First, I was thinking that Yoga is just an exercise.
But it was not.
Yoga philosophy was exact the same with what I think of life.

So that I decided to share the wisdom of Yoga to the others for who suffered in their life or now are having a hard time to find meaning to live.

Everyone  has their own ” light “.
Everyone has meaning to be here ; Dharma.

From the different way, Yoshiyuki  found his way to live.
He thinks a same way with me about ” life ” and ” to live our lives “.

Yoga is to live.

You can meet the real yourself as long as you don’t give up living your life.

That is my belief.
That is why I work with him to navigate the others to find their own light.

Thanks for reading:)

By Tomomi