Day trip with Hama Yoga members:)

Hama Yoga members; Hayato, Nori, Ayaka, Shoko, Mayumi, Takumi, Kudo-chin and I

went to take a special yoga lesson of Master Sudhakar to Date-city.

Master Sudhakar is a teacher of Hama-san:)

Hama-san is our teacher.

(Hama-san became sick, so he couldn’t make it…)

We all were excited to see Master Sudhakar!

For some of us, it was the first time to meet him.

He was born in India, and often comes to give Japanese wisdom of Yoga.


Master Sudhakar shared us many stories of Yoga.

He asked us a lot of questions like,

“When do you live for yourself ?”

“What do you think your pain that you have now is come from ?”

“If you want to be happy, what should you do from now on ?”

“If you are not happy, then do you think you can share love to the others ?”

I am not going to write any of the answers now though.

We all have to think about these questions.

Why do we live ?

What do we live for?

Our life is very simple.

Yoga is very simple.

We’ve learned many things from him.

He always says that

” If you study Yoga very hard, then if you didn’t live Yoga, that would be NOTHING.” 

It is the most important thing that how you behave when you off the mat.

Yoga practice is not just on the mat doing asanas.


Thank you very much for sharing your love, Master Sudhakar.

Thanks for driving us to Date, Hayato:)

Thanks for Hama Yoga members to spending a precious time with me:)



Thanks for reading!

By Tomomi