Illusion; the root cause of the cause.


If we didn’t feel the essence of the things, we couldn’t reach to the root of the thing.

More and more we missed the essence, if we made action only with knowledges.

So that, we have to know that those things we see from our eyes have the root cause.

The cause has the provisional cause.

There is the only one essence always.

I don’t say “Purusa”, but there is the only one root.

We are to recognize that those we see from our eyes are the all, then we are tricked.

Have you ever thought the root cause?

Balance of ” to believe ” and ” to suspect “.

That’s a one of the tough questions, is it?

Sometimes, we can’t trust all the things.

If we started suspecting, we began to suspect all the world,

and we couldn’t believe in ourselves, either.

It is graceful that we can believe everything.

Day by day, we talk to ourselves to experience the better.

Little by little…

Maybe this life, maybe the afterlife.

Because nobody knows when this life has started.

The life keep changing.

It can’t be better immediately.

For us,  a convenience-life is been natural.

We forgot to take our time to live our lives.

we want to take our time to live our lives the most, but we are missing the important


A convenience food,

Ready-to-eat food,

Supplements that says get better immediately,

Lotion for skin that says get better soon,

Treatment skill that effects soon.

We want ” the effect ” soon.

If you thought about “the cell “, we would know that ” the effect ” didn’t come out soon.

We are missing many things, I guess.

But, remember,

there is people that working hard with things they love from the bottom fo their heart.

In Kumamoto, I met a guy.

My Hama yoga member felt something and took me there.

” Shizenha KIKUCHI mura ”

Mr. Watanabe /CEO.

I’m interested in the body and the mind.

About human,

Accepting the mind,

Accepting the others,

and let yourself flow in floating river.

I want to support you to live just what you really are.


Making from the land,

making everything from the beginning,

Mr. Watanabe has a great passion.

We can live like that, too.

Don’t say not for me.

What YOU can do.

There are so many ways how to live.

Now is everything, but it’s NOT.

New moon on Aquarius.

I found a new way through this trip.

Thanks for the members like a family.


Thank you for reading^^

By Hama