How you enjoy your life.

I share three things to you to enjoy your life more!

You can start from now!


find something that only you can do.

Don’t compare with someone else.

Find the thing that you are really good at.

In Japanese culture, mostly, parents raise their child telling ” why can’t you do even such

things!?” So that you had focused things what you couldn’t do.

But now, the situation has been changed.

You don’t have to care about your weakness.

Especially, us, adults.

You can find a place where you can use your skills that you have!

If you can’t find a place for now, start it by yourself.

I was one of a person who started to do by myself.

Where I used to work at the hospital, they had completely different idea from me.

They can’t take much time for each client.

They can’t cure illness from the root.

How many years do we have to fix the weakness in our lives?

60 years? 50 years?

Before think, just start!


Stay in the place where you can breath comfortably.

Environment, where you work, and relationship with your friends.

Imagine that the person,  the place, the things.

Take deep breath, imagine that if you are in the nature.

If those two things are both comfortable, you are in the right place. Go for it!

If it’s not,

please do not be afraid to run away from that situation.

Well, if you don’t like to use the word ” run away ” , I say you don’t have to cling.

Don’t waste of your time.

We only have time to enjoy our life.

We are living our life to enjoy as human.


We all have “like” and “dislike”.

Only that matches you or not.

For example, food.

If there is something that you don’t like, just don’t eat!

Children don’t eat what they don’t like, do they?

They know what they need instinctively.

So you don’t make them to eat.

Do we have to think about nutrition?

No worries, we have system to make what we need.

It would be okay if  we take minimum required.

(We don’t want to take food that is not necessary though)

Nutritionally balance…

Well, think about animals.

Panda only eats bamboo leaves, but they can grow up that big.

Horses and cows runs fast but they only eats grasses.


What is to adapt to the Earth?

What is to live with sun?

Except human being, what animals try to take balance in food?

Like gorillas, do they take balance when they eat?

There are several things that we don’t want to take.


“Direct suger”

If you take as food, it would be okay.

But Sugar brakes your neural circuit of your brain.

And relationship with others.

If you don’t get along with someone, you don’t have to keep communicating.

Because I’ve been friend of them for a long time?

That is not a big problem!

Find a friend who makes you happy^^

Because we are family?

Because we’ve been dating for a long time?

Even if you know that you can’t be happy with them?

Trust me, there are friends who will make you happy!

Live happy, eat happy♪

Thanks for reading my blog^^

By Hama