What is Yoga Thera?

I can’t explain what I do in my private lessons at Yoga Thera.

When I have chance to talk what I do with my Hama Yoga members,

they also can’t explain… Isn’t that funny?

But I commit you that you can change your mind and body if you take my lesson.

There was a client who wanted to attend yoga lessons in Kotoni or in Sapporo.

She was going to take hot yoga lessons, or to attend normal yoga lessons.

But then she thought that something is not right in her mind.

Then she came to my studio.

She had a critical illness that almost none of us know.

She even had facial paralysis.

And her eye pressure was always high, that a doctor has no idea what to do with it.

He only gave her an eye lotion.

After she took my lesson, her eye pressure went down from 14 to 11!

She was surprised and very happy^^

To fix your body with motion is that to bring back your body from ill health to


Hmmm, more and more, Yoga Thera is not just a yoga studio.

Yoga Thera is the one and only studio in Sapporo to change body and mind.

Thank you for reading my blog^^

By Hama