My second hometown in Hokkaido, Obihiro.

My last workshop this year except Sapporo was hold at Obihiro.

Obihiro is a wonderful city.


With my Hama yoga members! Eight of us!!

As we all know, Hokkaido is a great place.

Food, nature, the air is fresh, and people is very kind. ^^

I and Hama yoga members  arrived Obihiro one day before, went to onsen to be relaxed.

We all were ready for a great class!

Same as Hakodate workshop that I held before,

in my class, I felt that we touched a little bit the essence of Yoga.

Because Yoga class was hold at the temple, there were many books says about ” Life “.

I chose one of the words from them to share.

” To live yourself “.

What is the difference between ” Just to live ” and ” To live yourself “?

This is not just the words.

The essence that Buddha tried to tell us is not just the words.

You have to think.

If you read the words says ” Do something for the others ” ,

what do you think?

You have to receive the real meaning.

I first talked a little bit about these story of life.

Yoga is based on your life.

You can make use of yoga essence to your life.

Yoga is the one way that you can be happy.

I’m glad that I can be with great members.

Thanks everyone!

I have done many things this year!

I’ve visited many cities; Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Aomori, Ehime, Kohchi, Hakodate,

Asashikawa, Obihiro, Sendai, Tokyo, Sapporo.

Eleven cities!

I did very well.

I am really enjoying to spend a great time at each city^^

Well, coming next year… what am I going to do?

I can’t wait!

Thank you always^^

By Hama