Was trying to teach RYT200, but…

I like to announce one thing.

In Japan today,
Many people think that taking a certification called RYT is the status or the gateway
to success for a yoga instructor.

RYT is an organization in the United States.

Even though Yoga is from India.
( well, that sounds strange already,  don’t you think?)
Maybe some of them are thinking that if I didn’t have this certification, then I can’t say
“I’m a yoga instructor.”

It is NOT right.

You do not have to have any license or certification to be a yoga instructor.
If you want to be a yoga instructor, just say “I’m a yoga instructor from tomorrow.”

That’s yet.

But still you want to learn about Yoga if you are interested in Yoga.
And, if you are the customer, you start thinking who this instructor is.
Some of you likes to estimate his career.
So that I write many explanations on our homepage for the people who like to know
about us further. ( I can’t read those explanations by myself…!)

What did he learn from?

Who is his master?

What kinds of certification does he have? etc…

Just for an explanation,  I took RYT, but it was just as a result of learning.

I just wanted to learn more about Yoga than taking a certification.

I went to learn, because I had a chance to learn Yoga and Pilates.
But I became to realize that something is wrong with this system after I met
many instructors who had these certifications.

My teacher or my master is a physical therapist, a instructor, or a practitioner.
Same certification, but completely different!
Then I started to think that there would be a better way to learn;

the way not to hurt your students, or the way in safe and happy.

Because of these reasons, I was going to teach RYT which is the gateway for the yoga
instructors at our studio.
I’ve heard many requests that want to take RYT in Sapporo with me.


I decided no to teach RYT.

There are some other reasons, too, but,
I mainly teach lessons for the teachers or the instructors.
So, if you just want to get a certification, please go ahead to get it at the other schools or
at the other studios.
Well, you will learn 100 percent opposite way to teach though…!
Now you think that then why don’t you teach me from the beginning, no?

But I decided not to.

There will be meaning to learn in different way.
Learning in popular way is also important.
“Lessons for the teachers and the instructors” are for the people who do not have a
certification, too.
( If you are not to teach lessons, welcome to our regular lessons which starts from a
next year!)
Many instructors have been attended my lesson recently, like from the other studios…
I will be happy to share my lessons!

I threw all the things away that I had learned from my work, school, tans of
seminars which costed more than five million yen.

Are you ready for throwing all the things away?

Have you ever thought about “what is a GOOD lesson” for the


Let’s think about it in tomorrow’s lesson^^

Learn important thing more than just a knowledge.

Thank you for visiting our homepage^^

By Hama

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