Practice for Downward Facing Dog Pose.

When you say Hatha Yoga, Downward Facing Dog Pose doesn’t have any meaning.


…..Did you know that?

Almost all texts of Yoga today are written based on anatomy.

Probably, you have been taught that;

As you open your chest, you can breath easier,

it is a good exercise for your arms, or

it is a good work-out for lower back and lower body.

Surely these descriptions are not wrong.

But in fact, you won’t be realized that hardly any things are told in right way.
Because you are told that ” these are the right way “.
And then, wisdom of Yoga teaches you that there is no effect for Downward Facing Dog Pose…

Don’t you think ” are you kidding?”

Because you never thought what you had learned were wrong.
Maybe you were tricked.

In our lesson today, we corrected those misunderstandings.
Using this ‘no effect’ Downward Facing Dog Pose, we practiced to focus on balance of the body. ( Well, there are some effects though. )

You won’t get any better if you practice Downward Facing Dog Pose by practicing Downward Facing Dog Pose.

I shared many ideas.

Fixing where to place your arms,

Adjusting your pelvis…

There is no meaning doing that, or those could be a negative effect.
Pushing your pelvis as adjustment, can be worse.

If you really understand, ” Purpose of teaching this movement “, you won’t go that way, do you?

I don’t.

Because I know that there will be no meaning if you don’t teach in right way.

Everyone did a great job!

We had a great time!

Thank you for visiting our homepage!

By Hama